Why Benchmark?

Benchmarking – the process of comparing your performance with competitors – is evolving rapidly! Historically, businesses would exclusively compare financial and some operational performance. E.g. The multiple ATO industry sector benchmarks.

New Normal – People, Planet and Profit

The competitive environment has been turned on its head! Bushfires, Co-VID 19 along with other significant digital transformation (new business models) now means businesses must consistently measure new metrics, such as digital or online growth metrics.

In addition, marked changes in consumer expectations, investment community screening and supply chain concerns continues to shine the light on the lack of Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) benchmarking data.

With this new paradigm in mind Digital Benchmark has developed an industry first benchmarking approach.

About the Data and Approach


After creating a profile, select the right benchmark for your business.


Securely and easily upload CSV files, Xero and other data sources in minutes.


Regularly monitor your performance along with your competitors using your custom dashboards


Share your performance data with trusted advisors and consultants 

In summary, these elements are scored, benchmarked and displayed back to our benchmark participants, enabling them to identify business critical gaps across all the mentioned business dimensions. Check out the Digital Benchmark dashboards for Businesses Managers and Advisors

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